Parts are always missing in Sketchup files

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: RTX 3090
Driver Version: 497.29

I work with EliteCAD and export from it
Program sketchup files.
In Sketchup itself and in Twinmotion I can do the files
Read in without any problems, only parts are missing in D5!
Due to this error I cannot use D5-Render PRO !!!
Since D5 does not currently support any other file formats
I can generate.
Such as .3ds, .dwg, .wrl, .u3d, .pdf3d, .iges, lumion …
I tried different Sketchup versions (2017 … 2020).
The bug should be fixed shortly, otherwise I cannot use D5.
The software has potential that I would like to use.
Which I am currently unable to use, although I have already paid money for it.

I hope for quick help.

Kind regards


I don’t know if this is the case, but this happens when the objects in sketcup are groups or nested components with many subgroups. If they are exploited by ungrouping, or by making the group simpler, the parts begin to appear.


Hello, thanks for posting this problem. I have received a skp file made in EliteCAD from other member, and find it misses some parts when being imported directly. But if we open it via SU and sync it via D5-SU plugin, there is no problem.
Our tech team are looking into this problem and trying to find the issue cause. Besides, is there any difference between missing parts and existing parts in EliteCAD? Like reversed surfaces, or something else?

Thank you for the answers.
Unfortunately I can’t find a difference between the existing and missing parts in EliteCAD.
Unfortunately, it cannot be due to a grouping in EliteCAD.
All parts are visible in Sketchup.
So I would say that the routine for reading into D5 partially interprets the file incorrectly.
I am very optimistic that the D5 team will find a solution in the short term.

Kind regards

ok, thank u very much, and could you please send us a sample skp model which has the problem for testing? you could send it to

Sent by email

ok, I received it, thx~

Hi there,
unfortunately there was probably not enough time to fix the error in version 2.1.

It would be desirable if there would be a correction soon.
Currently, working with D5 is hardly possible for me because of this error.


Hello Andreas, we found the issue cause that why some skp models from Elite CAD are not compatible with D5. Some of their components affect the calculation of D5 Render, and the solution is to “explode” the models in modeling software. Then those models will become normal in D5.

I did a search and found EliteCad seems to have the same feature “explode” as Sketchup does, maybe you can give it a try.

Hello Oliver,

thanks for the answer.
In the meantime I have found a solution that also works.
In EliteCAD there is the possibility to combine the parts to be exported for D5 into a special part.
With this it also works.

Of course, it would be nice if there was also a converter for the data exchange between D5 and EliteCAD.


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