Not getting previews on materials/hdris/etc

Hi guys,

since yesterday I’m not getting previews on many of the materials/models/hdris/etc that used to display properly before. Also, I cannot apply any of these materials or hdris.

I downloaded the full asset pack thinking it would fix it but it didn’t.

Anyone else having this issue?

Hi afecelis,

May I have your log files?
Please kindly check your inbox.
Thank you very much

Jessie please check my latest reply to your PM, thanks.


Please mark as [SOLVED]

The problem was that somehow I got the proxy enabled option set and I had also lost automatic network detection settings. I also had to do an ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew in the command line as administrator. After doing that everything is updating nice and smooth! :smiley:
I was able to fix it following this tutorial:

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