Normal maps issue

I’ve been testing D5 and I’ve noticed that normal maps do not affect the shader. I’ve been working with models exported from Revit to Blender via FBX and then fron Blender to D5 as FBX too because FBX files from Revit directly exported to D5 does not work at all.

I’ve got a picture, everything works fine for me.

same here :confuso:

Import FBX (no map, only 3D model).

simple settings

play with these textures

Thanks for your help, in the floor shader everything it is ok with the marble PBR maps, but with fabrics and leather normal maps aren’t working

If you can, just give me this pillow and the associated materials. Both D5 and FBX files.
I’ll check if I can repeat your problem

Ok, thanks, I need to prepare the files for share because it is a big file and my internet connection is slow

Strange. open Scene_Showroom_CAB.drs…