No cars or people in 1.6 pro

Any idea when would be available?

Same problem!

Same Problem. i think aint gonna be big changes in this version, maybe in the next one.

I think this feature is for the paid version, I think so and I don’t know

It’s not! I have the paid version and I am facing the same problem. No car, no people,no truck, no bus.In fact nothing new in assets as far as I have seen.

Statement from their facebook page :

D5 Render

6 uur ·

Hey guys,

Thank you for pre-ordering.
The key to your passport is now being sent to your email. Please keep an eye on your INBOX.

What should I do if I failed to receive the email?

  1. Please be patient, there may be a delay in email delivery due to network issues.
  2. Check both your inbox and spam box
  3. If still nothing, please contact for help:

the following information should be contained in your email:
① your order number
② your email
③ your phone number

We’ll verify it and send you the key again within 24 hours.

P.S. Assets in the library will come online one by one. Thank you for your patience😉

hi all please wait for the asset files.

Hi all

Me too, just recive the assets.
looks great !!!

Joe Louis

Assets recived! Thank You !!! :+1:

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