New Release: 134 High-Quality Materials are ready to use

Depending on the process (How we work) we pulished two weeks ago, D5 Works team brings the #1 new release of built-in Material library (Online), The result ensures the exceptional quality of the materials, plus infinite possibilities thanks to our partner sharetextures – but more on that later.

For this release, the D5 Works team brings a set of 134 high-quality materials with high resolution professional texture maps to dress your architectural or interior project more easily.

You can find all the 134 new materials in Material Library just after open D5 Render.

33 in Fabric, 32 in Marble, 20 in Paint, 18 in Tiles, 7 in Leather and Wood, 5 in Wallpaper, 3 in WoodFloor, 2 in Metal, 1 in Geramic, 6 in Other

As always, the team likes to go above and beyond. We wanted to meet every need you might have, and so we initiated a poll (Material Categories to focus on) weeks ago, looking forward to more requests.

According to the above poll result and the voice from dear users, a few weeks later the team will provide our latest announcement about two new categories: Stone and Ground , some special materials such as fur etc. And we’ll be giving away a bunch of free stuff, too!

Are you running late on a project? You might not have time to choose or create the materials yourself. The D5 Works team is here to support you! Please no hesitate to contact us about your requirement of material and will arrive shortly inside D5 Render.

Have fun.
D5 Works Team


Great news from D5 Render Software. I hope our textures will help the people in their projects. We’ll add more textures in future and I hope we can add them in D5 library too.