General information and how we work

Thousands of assets requirement, but D5 Works can supply you one by one.

We are happy to announce that the hot update of built-in library (Material/Model) of D5 Render is available! That means our dear users could enjoy more latest and excellent assets whenever you need without having to wait for the new update of render.

The following words will tell you the detailed process on how we work:

Step 1. Requirements from our users (E-mail/Forum/Social Media, etc…)
Step 2. Determination from the above requirements, the more likes or mention, the higher priority
Step 3. Choices according to the above determination from our sponsors and partners around the world
Step 4. Make all chosen assets by D5 Works team
Step 5. Publish all rendering ready assets into built-in library
Step 6. You can use all latest assets just after downloading and dragging

The whole process will be within about 2-3 weeks for per iteration .

So please feel free to contact us whenever you want more assets of built-in library, we’ll do our best to supply your request.

Thanks for all,
D5 Works Team