Network problem

I just began using D5 on a small project but I’m facing the same problem as well. The version I’m using is 2.4 which is released recently, I’m using it with Sketchup 2023 so the converter I’m using is still beta. I’m adding my network speedtest as a .txt so I would appreciate if you can check my network speedtest either. (2.5 KB)

Hi mate, that tool you used is no longer valid, please use this D5 Support Tool:
D5 Support Tool - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

Also, have you tried switching a network or rebooting the router? Also, turn off antivirus or firewall then check the result.

Sorry for the late reply, I used it on a different network and a computer but unfortunately asset library is not responding after a while of use. Since the size is larger than 4 mb I’m sending it via WeTransfer link so here is a wetransfer link of my .zip file that I’ve used to diagnose my pc with your app.
Thank You

hi mate, from the log we saw it said the assets failed to download due to connection error. To confirm, can it work now? And have you tried the other ways (turn off antivirus or switch network) to solve the problem?

Sorry for the late reply again, all of a sudden it started to work just fine :slight_smile:

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