Missing Revit Textures Maps

Our company is hosting Revit texture maps on a network folder and for some reason they don’t get loaded into D5 when using the revit add on. Vray solved this by adding an additional setting to specify the folder, is that possible on your end too?

Got it. For now, the D5 Converter for Revit can’t get the texture path that is on a network folder.

We will consider add some settings to solve this issue, thanks for your feedback.

Any progress on this topic? Been an entire year. Thanks!

Hello @cpl_wdsk, as far as you have the paths assigned via Revit’s Options > Rendering menu, and your computer has access to that folder, then they’ll appear just fine in D5.

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@karam I went through that and didn’t have success. See below for D5 vs enscape with pathing shown.

Hmm, I see the issue here.

Revit works in a way that it only reads the root folder of assigned path.
So if your texture exists in I:\Library\Interiors Material Library\
It will be read by Revit and in D5.

*While Revit might be showing the texture, in realistic mode, and in material dialog, but that’s because it’s cached.
Try moving texture jpg location and place it in another subfolder inside “Interiors Material Library”, it won’t be read by Revit, unless re-assigned from Material Asset dialog
Create a new folder called “Test” inside Interiors Material Library
and move the texture “process tile blended.jpg” into “Test” folder

Then toggle realistic mode on and off, and it will be gone from Revit, and it will also show missing texture from Material dialog.

There is a solution you can do for now, which is assigning the full path of your texture:
I:\Library\Interiors Material Library\Carpet - Tile\Shaw

I know it is not a global solution especially if you have your library organized with subfolders tree structure…

We’ll implement a solution for this in the nearest version.

Hello Danny, for better troubleshooting this problem, could you send this rvt model file to me or Karam? We will keep this file confidential, only aiming to test and find the issue cause.
You can send it to ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com, or support@d5techs.com, thank you in advance!

Hello @cpl_wdsk again,
We created a test version that tackles your issue, you may give it a try.

*Make sure you add the following to the additional render appearance path:
I:\Library\Interiors Material Library\

D5_Converter_Revit_0.3.6.1.zip (3.1 MB)

Please also note that this is only a test version, and we don’t recommend it to be used in production environment, until the a public version is released and announced.