Materials & lighting not displaying correctly, since re-opening file?!

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: Nvidia 3090
Driver Version: 526.98
Issue Description: Materials & light not being displayed correctly, since re-opening file

  • re-opened file today and nothing looks right (see screenshot). All we have done is open our SKP file, open D5 Render via the converter in SketchUp and everything looks off.
  • you’ll see from the screenshot that the materials are flat, the diffuse texture is there but everything else is missing; reflections, metalness, etc.
    For example - the glass is either solid white, or if imported via SketchUp… it’s not visible at all.
  • When I click on a material all of the settings are correct, as they were previously, just not shown correctly in D5

  • However, when you do a render, everything renders correctly, as previously setup?! (see attached)
  • The render time has almost doubled too, to around 2minutes… where before, they were sub 1min.

Any help on this would be appreciated - as we have new projects waiting to be completed and we can’t work on them properly with this issue.


Hello, is it in high-quality mode?
Please check it because it looks like you are in medium-quality mode (F2)

Hi Oliver,
How simple… that was it… thanks!
We were in ‘low’ mode and seem to with the new projects started, for some reason.
Only been using D5 for a couple of weeks - fantastic software!
Thanks for your quick response

Hi bene, you are welcome! :blush: You can fill in this user survey and share with me your feedback:
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Also, welcome to write a review for us on G2, and you can get one-month D5 Pro once your review gets approved.
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