Materials from Archicad inside out

Sometimes when we import a model from Archicad 24 some materials (most often terrain) are inside out. They seem very dark from outside and when we go inside the object it is bright and crisp as it should be. It has probably something to do with the way Archicad is exporting mapping information of different objects. Is there any workaround?

**D5 Render Version:**2.5
**Graphics Card:**RTX 3080 Ti
Driver Version:
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Hi @jakubpopela,

Sorry for my late.
Could you please Screenshots Description of this issue?


it is mostly on the ground (grass, cobblestones). Few pictures are from outside and those with vivid green are from inside the object.

Hi, just to confirm, did you turn on the Auto Exposure?
Auto Exposure takes effect in closed, dark environments, automatically filling in the light and leading to a brighter scene. Whereas in an outside environment with Geo and Sky, auto exposure won’t work and your sun setting at 1pm could cause the grass to be a bit dark.

Hi, auto exposure is of.The material is really “just” inside out. Or the plane that should be on the outer side is somehow registered as inside.