Lost the whole content

I have been using this sketchup model in d5 for a few day, and today all of a sudden when I tried to open the file, I saw the d5 file is completely empty. It still shows the render in the thumbnail, but when I open the file, its all wiped out. How to get my work back. For now, I have lost all my render work I’ve been doing for the past couple of days. D5 team, please do something asap.

Thank you


Hi Sohail, please check the email I sent you just now, we recovered the 1.save file and you need to use it to replace the one on your computer. (the 1.save file is in the assets folder in the scene file folder)
Also, please send us the related logs as I mentioned in the email, it is the first time we had seen this problem in 1.9.1, so we want to narrow down the issue cause.

Thank you for your patience!