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Just download and installed the latest version of D5 and updated my drivers. When I go to load a file (skp or fbx) it just stays on the loading screen at 0%. I dont think the software froze because the tips portion of the screen still updates and I don get any error messages. If I let it run it will just run 10+ minutes. To close I have to use the task manager.

Same issue here… I reinstalled a couple of times… nothing…

@luplof any luck? Just out of curiosity what are your spec’s?

My Computer Spec:
Intel Xeon W3680
24GB DDR3 2666MHZ
EVGA GTX TITAN X Superclocked

No sure if that has anything to do with it.

Hi there,

We only support GTX 1060 6gb to RTX series for now.
Thank you very much.

Hi there,

If your graphics card works fine with D5 Render, please download and repair it from the link below. Then restart D5 Render.

i have the same problem, reinstall directx, repaid and still not workin.

rtx 2080 super

Hi there,

Please try to start with launcher.exe in the installation directory of D5 Render.

thanks. its works