Light leak

**D5 Render Version:1.9
**Graphics Card: RTX2070
**Driver Version: 471.11
**Issue Description: light heavily leaking , was not facing this issue until 2 days ago , please look into this immediately

Already tried with making the mesh double , can you help me out guys , idk how this has started happening again…

The renders look so bad now , idk why i am facing this issue now , didnt face this until 2 days ago


Hi, not only the left wall, but also the other two walls and floors. Please make sure it is a double-sided model without overlapping , then we can try to lower the Specular parameter of the material.

If the problem remains, please send the model file to, as well as the scene file. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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Hi jeeijoo,

Any update? If the issue remains, feel free to post back.


Hey thanks @Oliver.J i was able to fix it , and my entry for the render challenge is up , really excited

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How did you fix it?

Hello, there are two common issue causes for light leak issue, please check them and adjust your scene/model:

  1. The model is single-sided and does not have a thickness, please add thickness for it in modeling software.
  2. The scene does not have enough lights for illumination, and the Exposure parameter is too high. Please turn off auto-exposure and add some artificial lights for the scene.
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