Keyframe issues

When creating keyframes for lights (they are only on-off state) sometimes it’s impossible to delete them.
For example I create a keyframe at time 0 for some lights setting the state to “off” and another keyframe at the end of camera sequence with the state “on”.
Moving the playhead to the keyframe position it is impossible to delete the keyframe. I have to move the keyframe some frames forward, then move the playhead to the new position and finally I’m able to delete the light keyframe.
It seems that at time zero and end D5 has issue to delete the light keyframes.
There is another issue with light keyframes:
If you try to move the light keyframe from zero to another time position and you want to move the previous moved keyframe to zero…you can’t.
If I try to re-position the light keyframe to zero…it jumps forward few frames, it’s impossible to move the keyframe exactly at 0:00:00
I think the keyframing in D5 it’s very basic and not studied well.
For example in 3DS Max to create a stop or a pause for the camera movement I clone the last keyframe few frames forward. In D5 creating a stop (pause) is impossible. You see the camera interpolation creating a jerking movement, it stops an then continue to the next interpolation.
Regarding the lights the on-off state is useless. The lights in the real world never shut-down instantly, there is a dimmering between the two on/off states.
Please add keyframes for rgb variations and for multiple selected lights.


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Hi! 1. About the first issue, you can click the “Delete Keyframe” option to add or delete one keyframe directly, which works for both the beginning and the end point of the animation. About the second issue, it acts like what you said. As a workaround, please delete the keyframe and add a new one at the beginning of the animation.
You can check this video I recorded: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free. It is big, even if I compress it, it cannot be uploaded directly here, so I put it in WeTransfer.

Thanks for your feedback. We will fix this in the future.
3. About the camera interpolation, it would be better if you can record a video for this. Could you please tell me a little more about this?

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Thank you for the video.
What I’d like to do for camera animation is:
Second 0 → the camera starts the movement from A to B
Second 10 → the camera stops for 5 seconds at B
Second 15 → the camera starts the movement from B to C

The camera, few frames before to reach the B position and stops, does a strange movement.
Probably the automatic interpolation generates wrong xyz coordinates for camera and target.

Do you mean this kind of animation? I create one according to your request. But I did not find the jerking movement you mentioned before. And there is no strange movement too. Could you record a video so that I can understand this issue fully?

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Hi Ruby,

thank you for the video.
Your animation is linear. Could you test the same video with ease in ease out?

I tested it. Here is the link to it: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free.

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Hi Ruby,
Thank you for the test.
As you can see from A to B, when the camera stops, there is a strange movement, the camera doesn’t stop smoothly. It seems the steps of the various interpolations aren’t distributed correctly at the end of the path.
I don’t knon if it’s only an issue while playing in real time. Probably rendering single frames it’s ok.

Yes, I checked the clip for several times, and there is a strange camera movement when it is going to stop. I have told this issue to the related team. They will look into this. I will keep you updated here.

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I am having this issue also.
What was the problem?
The interpolation is not constant not even straight and making a jump in the end.
Tried linear and eases … custom and auto. No luck.
I am using max sync.
Help please.
Thank you