İt stays at %9

**D5 Render Version: 2.0
**Graphics Card: gtx 1070 ti

Sketchup file won’t open. It stays at 9%. When I save the d5 file, it does not open again. too many errors please help

Hello, the SU file is skp2021? you could use plugin to sync it.
About the 9% error, you could send your scene to, we will check why this happened and whether we could fix the file.


The SU file is 2020. And when I transfer it directly without saying a new project in the first entry, it stays at 9%. When I say new project and import it, there is no problem. but when I save as the d5 render file , I want to log in again, but it never logs in.
It’s just a file I created for testing purposes. What files do I need to send you to solve the problem permanently. because I tried it in many different projects and it’s always the same problem…

11 Eki 2021 Pzt 05:18 tarihinde Oliver Jure via D5 RENDER FORUM <> şunu yazdı:

Hello, the issue cause should be the file path. I have checked your video and replied to your email, please check the steps mentioned there. :slightly_smiling_face:

I save the d5 file as you said, but reopening it doesn’t work.

11 Eki 2021 Pzt 10:53 tarihinde Oliver Jure via D5 RENDER FORUM <> şunu yazdı:

I always save the skp files with 2013. There it works fine.
With 2021, I also have sometimes problems with opening.