Issue with Geo and Sky

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: rtx 3070
Driver Version: nvidia 472.47 studio
Issue Description: hello,
i have issue with geo and sky, i can’t fix the time, it jump randomly:
Screenshots/Videos Description:

Hello kana, it is a known issue we will fix in the next version. This is related to daylight saving time in some regions or countries. It is 1 hour earlier than the time you manually selected, but the geo&sky will not change automatically.
As a workaround, you could do it like this: if you want 9:00 a.m. then you need to drag it to 10:00 a.m.
Another workaround is to change your region setting in Win10 system(not recommended). If you change the region setting to no-summer-time areas, then this problem will not happen.

Thank you for your patience!

ok thanks, i thought it jumped randomly. If it’d jump just for one hour it’s good to know, thanks for your help

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