Invisible fog in transparent material

the fog is not visible through the transparent material of the window glass.

Hi there! The channel map has no fog effect, This comparison chart can illustrate the problem.

but here is not a channel map. the scene is white because the new d5 version opens old projects with bugs (all white). however all elements have materials. i can see that fog if i go outside the room. and even god rays are visible in the room.

here you can see it in action. sorry for glitches, it’s the video capturer lag

Hi, maybe you can try to lock/unlock the scene model to solve this issue.If it doesn’t work pls let me know.

Scene list-Scene resources-Hover over-Click “…”-Click to lock.

yeah, this gave me back the materials. nothing changed for the fog.

Ok got it! For now,could you please send a screenshot to me?

Ok,do you set a HDRI background?Pls give me a screenshot of your sun and HDRI set.image

no. i dont use any hdri on background. only sun light with fog. the hdri gives a bit fake lighting in interior so i prefer to not use it. however i would like to use it only for background override only.

Well, because this function is work in my computer so i need to get your project folder(that contains asset/resource/drs files)to do a test. Pls send the folder to my email
Best regards!