Incorrect display of materials in version 2.4

**D5 Render Version: 2.4
**Graphics Card: 3080TI
**Driver Version: Studio 529.48
**Issue Description: When the material (such as wood) is darkened, rough black spots appear. Also, if you open a file created in version 2.3, dark spots are also visible on it, although in version 2.3 they are displayed normally.
**Screenshots/Videos Description:

Hi mate, is the material from D5 Library? If yes, please let me know the material name. It seems its texture looks more obvious due to high Specular value.

Hello Oliver! Yes, this is a material from the D5 library, red-brown maple, value specular is 0.1.

Hello! The problem was not solved at all. It also displays too much contrast. In the viewport everything is smooth and correct, but on the render there are black spots on a brown background. Please help me to solve.
P.S. The wood material is standard from the d5 library (maple and birch), the drivers were installed by the latest game ready and studio. The problem hasn’t been resolved.

Hi mate, we did some tests but the difference is not as obvious as you posted. Could you send this scene file to for further troubleshooting?

Hello Oliver! I found out how black spots appear. Any wood material from the Assets. for example, “red brown maple” needs to be darkened to a value below “50” and rendered. In version 2.3, there is no such problem, the material is darkened there smoothly and gently.