Importing animation through .abc model error

**D5 Render Version:
**Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1080Ti
**Driver Version: 512.59

Firstly i want to thank you for such an amazing software

I have animated a model in 3ds max and when importing in d5 it shows a yellow dot and doesn’t load the model. I tried importing other animated models in .abc format which seems to be working fine. This specific one isn’t loading.

Can you please help me with this?

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Hi, can you send me the file here or to my email Recently we are working on optimizing the ABC file support.

I have the same problem, can I send my animation to the e-mail or instructions on how to properly abc animation?
I will add that it does it in 3dxmax

Hello, yes, please email to, or my email (both the ABC and max file). We will test and let you know the result.

I solved the import problem in this way, I first exported 3dsmax to fbx file, then after importing from fbx export to abc and it works,
now i have a problem with multimaterial as there are several different on object

Hello, you can apply materials in 3ds Max before exporting the model file, and D5 should recognize that.

Hi- I have the same issue with importing abc. files to D5 from Blender. I need to do a anamorphic billboard and want to use a animated bear for the display. I have send my files to support and to Oliver.

It would be really helpful if we can find a robust path to bring abc files into 5D. Thank you

Hi mate, for now D5 does not support fluids and particles very well when importing .abc files.
So please check the option Triangulate when exporting .abc files:

Then the bear would be able to get imported into D5 as .abc.
Please check the email we sent to you via D5 Help Center.

Thank you - I just need to Pole Bear as animated (action rig with different actions)from Blender as a abc. file not any fluids. I’m using D5 water dripping 04.

Cool mate, you can turn on that Triangulate option then check the result. By the way, is this made in D5?

Morning Oliver - no this is my reference example to use a mood and feel image.

Thank you for your help - I can now import the abc. files!!

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