Imported fbx not loaded in saved file

D5 Render Version: 1.9
Graphics Card: RTX 2080
Driver Version:
When i saved a imported fbx and close D5, after reopen en loading the project the file is stored in the browser left but not loaded directly, so the stored scenes are empty.

Solution for this?

Hello, what kind of FBX file, is it animated? Also, the file is on a local place or online place(NAS), we do not support storing in online place yet.

It was indeed a NAS problem, exporting the fbx to the local disk resolved the problem

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We will support NAS in the next version :laughing:

OK! Thanks for the answer

Does this mean NAS support is live with the 2.0 release of D5?

Yes, you can put your file in NAS, then see the result.
I still suggest you backup files in a local place first.