Image render with noise when the material/asset tool is active prior to production render

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: Geforce RTX 3080
Driver Version:
Issue Description:

I have notice with the latest D5 build every time I want to render out a image it results in a very noisy image when the material/asset tool is active prior to rendering out.

When I press esc no tools are active then the image renders without any noise and gives a result that is correct. This looks like a clinch? Not sure if anyone has experience this too.

Also I have notice that when rendering out to 4K feels like it renders out slower then the previous D5 build.

Thank you Team.


  1. First, now if you click the Photo mode button, the library and the material picker/brush tool will close automatically. It is weird that you can go to Render mode with tools active, please confirm this behavior, or share screenshots with us for troubleshooting.

I tried to repro the issue, but did not make it.

  1. Second, your video driver version 461.92 is an outdated one, please install the latest 496.13 then see the result? NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce Game Ready Driver WHQL

Any updates will be appreciated!