I Cant Open My Most Of Projects! Serious Problem!

Hey There! I try to open some skp file in d5 render but even some of them opens correctlly, most of them when I try to open, it can’t load the files and it stays at %0. How can i solve this problem any idea ? This is really big problem for me. I just could open only one project. I converted 3dsmax with d5 plugin updated version or i tried mak new project on sketchup pro 2018. Any oo them doesnt open in d5 render 1.5. I really need help. I cant open many projects cuz of this bug! Thanks!
My system: R7 3700X
RTX 2060

Hi there,

We need to operate your computer remotely to find out the issue.
I’ve reply to you in direct message. Please kindly check it out.
Thank you very much

im have same problem… dont open my projects

Hi there,

Please make sure -

  1. the version of D5 Render you’re using is 1.5
  2. you downloaded from our official site - www.d5techs.com
  3. your graphics driver is the latest version

I tried anyway, what you mentioned up there and nothing problema.PNG|690x291

Hi Diego, my problem has been solved. Here is the tip, be sure that the version of the d5 render like d5render_1.5.01xx_3.exe. So i recommend you to download it again and install after uninstall the previous version.