I cant change the weather + materials bug + sync bug

help plz
1)i cant change the weather is always in the middle i cant go to night
2)the materials dosnt open i have to close the assetsopen again download again the material adn then will be ready to use
3)the sync dosnt work afer i press sync i have a black screen
i have to close the program and open again and then the sync works

when you will have an update?

I have already mentioned this and still no reply.
The need to have previous version posted so we can go back one version, which didnt have this issue

Hi Aleo,

Thank you for your feedback.
1- We have found this issue already, and will fix it in the next update.
2- Could you please elaborate this issue for us? better with screenshot or video.
3- We cannot reproduce this issue in our office. May I have your scene file(zip file including drs,asset,material) to help us reproduce your issue and figure it out?

This is my email - minjia.huang@d5techs.com

Thanks a lot for your help.