I am able to rotate the texture but the bump material is not working,,

i have problem,i rotate the texture but the bump material is not rotating. what to do or how to rotate also the bump material? i am active now in using d5 render,and the outcome is very good.please fixxxxxx…

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Hi Chloe,

Please kindly check out UV and individual UV

Hope it helps! Thank you

Hi Jessie, i tried the individual UV,But still no changing the directions of the bump material,the white part as encircle inthe image,i want the direction opposite same as the texture to be thesame.

Hi Chloe,

Thank you for the feedback.
Does it from default material in the assets library? May I have the name of it? I guess probably there’s a bug on this material.

btw, could you try to use other similar wood material, to see if the issue still exists?

Thank you

i tried also other wood floor texture but its same problem…i hope it will fix the problem,thank you so much,

this is my final render,but i didnt use the wood floor texture in d5 for there’s a problem in bump,i manually 3d the floor,im waiting for the wood floor textures to have fix the bump :slight_smile: rotation same as the base texture :slight_smile:

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I have the exact same issue. Doesn’t appear to have been resolved.

Hi mate, can you tell me which material you faced that problem? or screenshot it for me.