Huge backup file that freezes computer

I have all my projects on Ondreive. Our group just relized that Onedrive is stuck because it is downloding some backup files from D5 Render. D5 render is switched of for two days already. Turns out there is about 100 000 files with .png extension more than 32GB. Why is that? How to stop that? Can we delete them? They have some random numbers as a file name.

Hello, the Backup files are part of D5 files auto-saved, for more details, you can view this video:
D5 Render 2.1 | Auto Save & View history versions - YouTube

You can turn off the Auto-save feature. If I misunderstand, please point it out. Also, it is not suggested to open/save files in Onedrive and such 3rd party services directly. You can map it to a local place.