How to prepare a 3ds max file for D5 render

Hi I am new to D5 render and trying explore it. I am facing some challanges while taking max file into D5. I am working on one of the interior scene and my furniture model, walls, windows etc are in seperate layers. I want to apply different texture to my objects from D5 library but its getting applied to entire model instead of perticular part of it. whatever is added to layer comes as a single mesh. . I am not sure if i am on right track or am i missing something?

Hi there,

As for the texture issue: Have you differentiated the different materials/textures in 3ds Max? After naming the different material/texture in Max, then sync it with D5 thru D5 Converter should solve the issue.

For the models: Please check out the screenshot and link below to keep group hierarchy from 3ds Max

reference: 3ds Max rendering with D5 | D5 Converter-3ds Max