How to Crop render or Region render same Vray

Sample : I completed render Hight Tower picture size 5000x4000, but my Boss want to edit.
If I new render 5000x4000 is long time.
Can I crop render ?.

as far as i know, region render is not available as of now. so u have to render again. may i know what gpu u have.


region render is not supported for now. I suppose you can crop render with other softwares such as Photoshop.

Hope D5 Team add Region render soon. and my GPU is RTX2060.

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rtx 2060 is better than gtx 1060.

Thank you.and I can crop by PS. But New render is long time.

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i see ur firm req. high renders like 5000 x 4000, so ask boss to invest in highend gpu like rtx 40 series. its worth and will save lot of time.

How about your dedicated GPU memory usage when running D5? You can check the info in Task Manager on your PC.