Horizon directly affects its shadow to the whole indoor scene

D5 Render Version: 1.9.0
Graphics Card: RTX 2070 Super
Driver Version: 471.11
Issue Description: The Horizon affects its shadow of the land to the indoor scene. Look like it goes through all the walls and stops the light to affect surpass. Even when I try with HDRI the issue still appears. All the older version D5 files appear this problem when I reopen in D5 1.9.0. I have never seen this problem in D5 ver 1.8. Hope you guys find out it soon. Thanks!
Screenshots/Videos Description:

When I raise the camera the shadow appears large with the horizon raised.

Hi Erryn, it seems a known issue that will fix in the next version. We have a new build for solving this problem, please check your inbox message, I will give you a link to download the new build.


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