Hole Cutting Components

I’ve tested the community version. My Sketchup file features hole cutting components for windows. These are components that glue to faces and cut a hole in their geometry.

This issue is recurrent with many renderer software and usualy the workaround for the exporter is to explode these components prior to exporting (of course you should undo the explosion after exporting).

I’d be glad if you’d look at a file but I can’t send a skp.

Hey João,

Good to see you here.

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Hi George, nice seeing you too. I’m not here yet though. I just downloaded and tested D5, it seems it has nice potential. It’s unusable atm without hole cutting components though.

There’s some other issues, but this one is a 0 or 1 switch.

Let’s see how quickly that’s fixed.

Are you using D5 often? Did you discard Thea?