HELP ! - D5 Render Converter Error with 3dsmax 2021

Hello all, First i want to thank the D5 Render team for such a great application.
My problem is that I get the error attached when syncing from 3dsmax to D5 Render with D5 Converter, does anybody know how to fix this issue ?. I use 3dsmax 2021 and D5 Render 1.9.

Thank you in advance.

**D5 Render Version:1.9 Pro
**Graphics Card:RTX 2080 Ti
**Driver Version:466.77
**Issue Description:D5 Converter Error
Screenshot 2021-06-14 232125

Hi essammax1,

Please check this and reinstall the plugin using .mzp file.
Workflow | D5 Converter-3Ds Max - Workflow / 3Ds MAX - D5 RENDER FORUM

Besides, could you tell me what anti-virus software you are using? I noticed that some antivirus software may prevent the sync process and delete some files, so you could turn off antivirus software temporarily to reinstall D5 plugin and sync.

At last, if the problem remains, please export the file in d5a format then work in D5 instead of using sync feature. We are re-writing the plugin and will fix the problem soon.


Hello Oliver, Thank you so much for your response and sorry for being late to answer you.
My problem has resolved when I used the cleaner tool to uninstall D5 Render and then I reinstalled it again.
Thank you so much again and keep up the good work !!!

No problem. Glad to hear you solved the problem.
Have a nice day!