HDRI window reflection in glass reflection blurry - bug

**D5 Render Version:
**Graphics Card: RTX 3090
**Driver Version: 516.93
**Issue Description: HDRI reflection in glass reflection blurry
**Screenshots/Videos Description:

These reflections are correct from an older version of D5

Steps to Reproduce (optional):
Using HDRI en glass material. Windows in window reflection.

Hi, is the glass model single-sided? From the screenshots you posted, it seems due to single-sided glass.
If not, please let us know for further troubleshooting, thanks~

Hi Oliver.J,

Thanks for the quick response! I’ve attached a cross section of the window. It is double glazed and I don’t think it is single sided. The windows are the same models but in an older version of D5 it went well.

Thank you for the assistance!

Kind regards,


Have you tried adjusting the Refraction parameter? From your screenshots, it seems the window is not double-sided, but has two separate sides.

You may adjust the model, or wait for D5 2.3 ( a new feature to simulate thickness for single-sided glass).

Besides, if the problem remains, please send the model and scene file to my email ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com, and we will help you check the file to narrow down the issue cause, thanks~

Hi Oliver,

I made a view renders with various layers of glass. First of all, the model of the glass was indeed modeled double sided. I changed this to single sided and then rendered it in 4 layers, 2 layers and 1 layer of glass. Hopefully it’s a bit clear what I’ve tried. But with all the reflection remains blurry.

Render original model - double-sided glass

New model - 4x single sided glass

Section - 4x single sided glass

New model - 2x single sided glass

Section - 2x single sided glass

Then I also adjusted the sliding doors. Because the glass in the sliding door was still double sided, the effect remains the same, but that is not the case.

New model - 2x single sided glass - Also in sliding doors

New model - 1x single sided glass - Also in sliding doors

Section - 1x single sided glass

The reflection remains the same. Fewer layers are not possible because then there is no longer any glass in the window. I have you the wetransfer file of the model and D5 save. Maybe you can solve this.

But apart from that, D5 is great software! Thanks!!


Hi Oliver,

The wetransfer-upload is verry slow, so it may take a while.


Hi Oliver,

Do you have any idea when version 2.3 of d5 will be released? Maybe I can delay the deadline with the client until then. If it’s sometime next week for example.


Yes, it will be released next week.