HDRI does not render in animation 1.9 version

HDRI is not rendered in animations, it remains blurry while being rendered in real-time. Renders in photo mode only.

Image of a video rendering, where you can see the low quality of the rendered HDRI.

Captura de tela 2021-06-08 184053

D5 Render Version: 1.9
Graphics Card: RTX3070 - RTX 2080 super

Hi Andy,

What are the resolutions of the video, and the HDRI image? To confirm, if you render a photo, there will be no issue on the HDRI, and the problem occurred only to rendering videos?

We will compress HDRI to 2k when in preview mode, but it will not influence the final render, so we may need your files to test and troubleshoot.

Besides, do you use a render queue? If yes, please render the video solo, then see the result.
If the problem remains, please send me the HDRI image for testing, and it would be good if you could send me the scene file as well. My email is ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com

Best regards,

Hello I have this problem as well, this only happens when rendering videos.

The HDRI is 16k, but happens also with the 8k version… It happens both in render queue and normal rendering, will send the file soon, thanks. @Oliver.J

Hello, sorry to miss this. You could send your scene file to ziyin.zhu@d5techs.com.
Besides, to confirm, what are the video settings? It would be good if you could save a clip in the scene as well. We will keep you informed, thanks!

Hello, sent it to that email. Thanks

Hi, could you send me the HDRI file as well? No matter what render we choose, the final result of the HDRI is blurry on our test machines. Thank you for your patience.

Hello, I resent the scene to your e-mail (It should be a backyard landscape project with a pool) and the HDRI.

Thank you so much for your help.


ok, I will test with the new file, thank you!

Hello, this problem is solved in the 2.0 version, and we will roll it out soon. The HDRI rendered in video is still compressed to save VRAM usage, but it will not be blurry like before, thanks!

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Awesome to hear, Thank you!