Group within group loses coordinates

Hi guys,

on large scenes it seems that sometimes a group within a group can loses its coordinates and be kind of randomly moved. Does it happened to anyone else?

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Hello ,

We have not received similar feedback for the time being.
Could you please send me the following documents?

My email is
It would be great if you can help us :running_man:,and we will try to figure out if this is a bug.

Thank you!


I ll send the log files tonight. I cannot send the whole file for privacy and professional matters.

It happens several time, process was this:

1/ everything all in place and in order, all ready to start render a video
2/ after the video rendering, keeping D5 open, I go see the result and some assets were missing on the render
3/ so I get back to D5 still open and see the full group has moved down (30 meters or so)
4/ I close D5 without saving, then open again and everything come back in order

it was heavy rendering (for my RTX2070) that I barely manage to render at 4K, but I fill on this one I’m on the edge of my PC and software capacity.

I come back tonight with the log files