Grass painting slow

Hello all,
so I tried D5 on scene of family house. It is quite nice UI and could be really fine switching from TwinMotion because of quality of renders. I started thinking of pre-order until I came to painting grass!

Does it work so slow for You too guys? I mean than I take a brush, select model and click. D5 freeze for 2 or 3 secs and adds grass under brush, then click…2-3 secs freeze, click…so sloooooow. It has nothing to do with painting, it is clicking and in the basic scene around the house it takes ages to scatter grass nicely around edges of objects like pavement.

I got mid range setup : I7-9700 3GHz, win10 64bit, RTX 2070 and 32Gb RAM. I have all new drivers and still painting is so slow.
Compared to Twinmotion, there is no lag when painting grass in TM.

Is this knows issues in this early D5?


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Hi Gravis,

Thank you for your feedback.
Will be improved in 1.6. Please stay tuned.

Hi Jessie, thank You for info. Looking forward to test new version :slight_smile:

Grass painting is flawless now. Great improvement. Although, it is shame that there are no smaller clumps, to paint smaller areas. But I hope these will come in short time.