Grass material not visible from distance


I am having trouble with the new grass material, I am using the first template but whenever I render
the scene from a distance there seams to be a limit where the grass is shown, after a certain radius the grass is not visible anymore. Is there any way I can overcome this issue ?

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Hi! @kreativstudio
You mean when you render a video, the grass material you applied with the first template will disappear gradually when the camera is getting away from the grassland, am I right?
If yes, please turn off LOD and render a new video again. This feature aims to save GPU usage and let D5 Render load large scene files. So when it is on, the grass far away will seem to disappear.

Hello, thank you for your reply.
Actually I get this issue when rendering a still image not while rendering a video. The two images I have provided are actualy still images. The grass after a certain radius is not visible anymore…

Could you please send me the D5 scene file through the email ( for me to check it?

I have just shared the model through google drive. Thank you

Hi @Ruby , have you been able to look at my model ?

Good day! We have reproduced this issue. The reason why you cannot see the first grass template when you move the camera far away is that there Is something wrong with the culling distance for only the first template. We are working on this issue and later I will give you a new file to solve this issue.

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Thank you, glad to hear that.

Hi! Please check this post: Hot Issue---about the first grass material template. I put the file there.