Google Earth Image Sketchup vs D5 Render


As in attached pictures - the Google Earth images has been completely distorted after opening in D5 Render.

Any solution?

Thank you in advance

May I know which resolution did you choose? 2k?


The image comes from Google Earth max resolution - 4000 x 2517.
Only D5 Render see it this way.

Twinmotion, Lumion, Vray, Thea do not have any problems.

Did you use it as HDR?
May I have the original image? We’d test it and reproduce the issue on our computer to figure out the reason.

Thank you


Here is a link to the file as well as an image in question:

Did you check the box in the UV scale for Triplaner?

Hullo, thank you.

Alas, no difference except 90 deg strip rotation - attached-please-find images (before-after)

Hi there,

Please make adjustment on UV in sketchUp,increase the UV scale


No effects at all, alas.
Still no solution.