Glass's reflection does not show on ground

Hey everyone!
It is my first time using D5 and I need it for a test job so I am in bit of a hurry and stress.

I have created a model with a glass panel that has colored glass circles in it and the whole point would be that it would cast the patterns on the ground. I do not seem to find the solution how to make the glass’s reflection appear on the ground. Any quick help please? Thanks a lot!

Hi, I’ll show you a video to show you how to give that effect to the reflection of the glass on the ground.

Try it this way

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Hello again, to make it simpler just give the wall an image with colored circles then the materials you make it transparent and add the image then you give it the Caustics, then turn on the sun which gives light to the position where the glass is, also you turn on the Custom, so you will have the effect, I’ll show you with an image made now to help you understand.

As you will see there is the glass material that I gave it to the wall and I put the image of a wavy colored glass
Then to have that effect you have to activate the sun and put it in the direction of the glass, then you also give it the Custom, and that effect will come

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Please refer to the link provided by riccardofortelli, hope that can help you.

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