Glass does not appear in a reflection

Hello, I’m having trouble showing a glass reflected in the mirror. In the first test he appeared, but then it was impossible to get the same result. I tried to use the material “Custon”, “Transparent” and “Car Paint”. In all options, the reflected glass is not shown.
RTX 2080ti

Hi there, is this bug happened in your final pictures or just appears in your Real-time rendering?Have you tried to render it more times? Also, please let me know your version number, thank you!

Hello John, my version is
This bug happens in the final images and also in real time. Yes, I tried several times, even after updating the video driver.

Am I doing something wrong?
I’ve tried to illuminate the scene in different formats, with sunlight, HDRI, light area and texture with luminance.

OK, got it! Now please send your project folder to my, we must do some test, thanks a lot!

Ok, uploaded files

Hi, you can try to adjust the metal value of the mirror to the highest and give a certain color to the mirror, if it don’t work pls contact to me.

It was probably a system error, as it worked with the update to
The problem was solved for still images, but when rendering videos it still doesn’t appear.

Thank you

The same happened here, the glass chandelier didn’t reflect in the mirror surface in final render .

Hey there,

Now the mirror reflection is only available in image rendering.
Thank you

Hi there,

please refer to the reply above.

Thank you very much

Ha! Got it. Thanks for listening.
it is important that glasses appear in reflections also in the videos, because when we deliver a project, it is composed of images and video. This can make the project as a whole unviable.