Files will not load

I have two simple models that will not load in D5. One is FBX and the other made in Sketchup. The file has been at 0% for the last hour and I have tried loading several times. These modesl load into Lumion just fine in seconds.

I have a i9-9900k intel coffee lake chip
nvidia Geforce 2080i RTX
32 Gb Ram

Hi there,

Please try

  1. repair the DXR with the link, then restart D5 Render -
  2. right-click to run with admin
  3. run the program by launcher.exe in the installation directory of D5 Render

If it still fails, please let me know

Hi, Im having similar issues the drs file for projects will not load it goes blank at 5% or at 98%. The models loaded previously with no issues. Please help.

Hi Navs23,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the problem. Could you send the drs file to our support team for tests?
And I am glad to follow up on this for you. Also it would be good if you could share with us your hardware info and D5 version.


Hi, do you need all the files folders that are with the drs file?

Yes, please send me the whole folder where the drs file exists.


The file is quite large over 3Gb.
Link is here.

Hi Navs23, I have downloaded your file and done some tests on it. Unfortunately I could not repro the issue you met, but the loading process did get stuck in 5% for a few minutes. I think you may need to check whether the pc is out of RAM when loading the file.(Try restarting your pc and don’t open other high RAM-use programs.) I tested in version 180,181,190 and all are fine, with RTX 2080Ti, 8G


Thanks Oliver, It seems to work now, quite temperamental.

It always gets stuck at %5 and does not load even if I wait for more than 15 minutes.
I tried @Jessie_Huang solution but it didn’t help. There are no problems at creating the file for the first time. Rather having problems when re-loading the same model on another day after a PC shutdown period.

Edit: Solved it. I saw another helpful reply to change the file directory and name %100 english character. It’s solved! Great. Sorry for the inconvineance

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