File Transfer Among Collegues

My team and I have been experiencing issues with lost data when transferring files. I have my team work on the modeling, updating D5 with the updated models, and updating materials. They copy the entire D5 folder to for me to look at each day. We seemed to have lost data when transferring the files. I must add that each day we copy the file folder and rename it. Then we open the D5 file from that folder. This allows us to be able to go back to the previous save if needed. That said, things done throughout the day were recently lost. My thought is that certain files are located relatively and other files are locate absolutely. Is there a workflow to transfer files other than by copying the entire file folder? Should we delete the previous folder? Thank you,

Hi there! Thanks for your report and suggestion! For now,you must transfer the entire folder otherwise you can;t open the drs file.