FBX Import very very slow

the FBX import of a house model with 616KB does take hours.
20% and than it is loading, loading, lo…
Please can you help?

hi Flamingo
Could you please send me the FBX file to support@d5techs.com

Hello support,

  thank you for your answer.

  In the meantime, I have tested several FBX exports in Cinema 4D.

  Sometimes the FBX was loaded, but not visible in the D5 viewport.

  The duration of loading FBX is okay now.

  In my RAR file, there are several files, including

  C4D Preview, C4D file+tex and C4D FBX

  My result for clean export is:

  Turn on normals, triangulated polygons and mats + textures

  The geometry does come clean into D5.


  There are no materials and textures.

  Just a clean white model.

  In my C4D Preview, there you can see my materials and one texture.

  Is there anthing I do not know?

  It would be helpful, to see the same mats or textures in D5, as it

is in C4D.

  My C4D file is for testing.


  Wolfgang Meusch

(Attachment FBX.rar is missing)