Faulty Rendering

When I am working in 3840x2160 resolution, I am getting an incorrect image. What would be the reason?

I used a 1.0 bloom value, I guess it is not visible at the edges of the image.

With a Bloom value of 1.0, no error occurs when processing 1920x1080 images.
At 3840x2160, edge defects improve as you lower the bloom value. Visual is attached.

Hi Ahmet,

Thank you for the feedback.
May I have your scene file, which can help reproduce the issue and figure out the reason as soon as possible?
Please zip and send the whole folder saved from D5, including drs, model, assets, etc. to support@d5techs.com

Thank you in advance

I sent mail on the day you asked for feedback but the files I sent were not downloaded. The files I uploaded to Wetransfer on January 20 will be canceled.

Thanks @Jessie_Huang