Fatal error

fatal error ocurred at installation of bet version.


Fatal error!

Crash in runnable thread RHIThread
The UE4-d5_immerse Game has crashed

hi sam e for me it says fatal erro immerse game crashed…whats the best solution for this.

Hi there, have you tried to use the latest version If this issue sill happen in please let me know! And if you meet this issue in the latest version please try the following methods.
Method 1: Run D5 as an administrator
Method 2: Set a virtual memory in the C disk, the steps are as follows: https://www.x-plane.com/kb/increasing-virtual-memory-on-windows/(recommended to set the initial size of 1024MB)
Best regards!

Ji john why are the assets not complete? Is this available only for those who purchase?

Dear chloe
Yes, If you have our passport, you can enjoy all the models in our list!

ive tried it already,but i also have one solution for this problem,and d5 its not crashing anymore,…i buy external SSD card 500 gb only,and i install the d5 render in that,and its works fine,