Failed fetch asset library

Hi! Im having a problem trying to use the library, it seem like its loading but then says “Failed to fetch assets”, anyone know what probably be wrong?

Hope can help!

Hi, Check the connection, or if you are connected with your account link, if this is not then it means that the D5 server is temporarily having problems

Hello! Did this problem occur after you updating to 2.6? Have you change your path of workspace?

same issues after updated d5 to 2.6.

can u help me plzz

hi there, can we schedule a time for remote access tech support? @jehanzaib01122

Hi all! Same here! Logged with my personal account, no access to the asset library whatsoever

Yep, occur after updating,not changed the path

please do something with that useless server, we not pay for that

Hi junphuc17945.
Sorry if the servers are having problems, but what do I have to do with it? I’m a User too, I’m an architect. When I enter the forum I read the news of some colleagues, if possible I give them a hand to resolve, or I make sure they overcome the obstacle in some rendering situations. I’m sorry for your situation, but it has often happened to me too, not only in this program but in many that I use, so when I see new colleagues who have had the same problems I give them a hand, if I can, if not in that case the D5 team intervenes, which is always present in the discussions and gives advice. Note that those on the team do everything to help their colleagues, then if you notice that there is a symbol, a shield, on the name, those are the D5 team group. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello! Is remote tech support convenient for you?

Having the same problem, after updating to 2.6.
Need help, please.

Hello! Is remote support convenient for you?

I’m experiencing the problem too. Can you help?

We are trying to fix it. If remote support convenient for you, we can provide it for you depend on you time.

Thank you for all your help. I have seen you solving problems for other users under many posts which is really very warmhearted. You are greatly appreciated by our team. :heart:

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@dosr97 @jehanzaib01122 @pibuz @junphuc17945 @beingzumon @melisaycl0
Hi there, feel free to try the workaround in this topic and let us know whether it can work, thanks~
[Hot issue] Failed to fetch assets (D5 Assets Library cannot be used) - Get Help / Tech Support - D5 RENDER FORUM

asset library working fine now, thanks for quick action D5 team

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Hi mate, thanks for the update. Did you follow the steps we wrote in the hot issue post, or the problem was solved automatically on your device before? @junphuc17945

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Estou com mesmo problema na “Failed fetch asset library”.