Fade up end up uninstalling

Version 1.8.1
Nvidia driver : always on latest.

Whats wrong with this software? In the middle of working on my project… suddenly it say I need to log out because I’m not using PRO version. WTF!!! ( this is not 1st time it happen ). I have standard internet connection Unify 500mbps.
The thing that drive me to anger is when I reopen my project, and I open my assets browser… all empty… just remain ‘recent’ use model. After several open and close assets window still doesnt work. And the other thing… downloading new release assets so painful… whats wrong with your server?
It is useless if you come with thousands of assets but the stability like shit. And you know wut!!.. after saving the project then cannot close the D5 window aaaa… even you click on X mark… You need to use ‘end process’ in task manager aaaa…" ( Singapore english - singlish )

Pc Specs : Threadripper 3990X, RTX 3090 x2 NVLINK, 132GB RAM.

Hello @Noname ,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I wonder if it’s convenient for you to allow us do the remote operation, to check the environment of your PC and try to figure out what is going wrong?
If so, please dm me via message here.
If no, please send me the following documents.

  • Installation Directory of D5 Render: “D5 Render\logs”

Again we are terribly sorry. :bowing_woman:

ezyzip.zip (76.5 KB)

Thats the log file in zip and screenshot… it happen even on my second PC. . My second PC also got install D5. Now it seems previously downloaded online assets is totally gone.

Please compress the whole file from both computers and send to me.

  • Installation Directory of D5 Render: D5 Render\ logs

It is important to solve the problem.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Here is the whole file in logs from my second ( home ) PC. My 1st pc is my office.
I use D5 on my 2nd pc most…