Exporting Failed

Hi, this is the message I get while exporting an interior scene with 7.8 million polygons. Using the latest 3dsmax to D5 converter.

Hi there,

May I have your max file, which can help us reproduce the issue and figure it out. Please send it to support@d5techs.com

Hi Jessie,unfortunately I can’t share the scene since it is a job protected by an nda agreement.
But the problem is only with 3dmax 2021. Funny things happened in other scenes too like texture posterization, glass behaving weird and lots of surfaces flickering in realtime. Same errors no matter if it is linking the file or exporting. But It only happens with 3ds max 2021 ( tried the new converter too and same issues).

I also tried linking and exporting the same scene from 3dsmax 2019 and no issues at all.


Hi Jessie,

Please feel free to delete the thread. I tried this weekend again and I couldn’t reproduce the issue so it may not be related to D5 or D5 converter. Who knows, maybe a hardware or driver issue. Thanks.

Thank you very much for the feedback! Feel free to contact us if any issue occurs