Error: Some textures get imported in WHITE!

D5 Render Version:
Graphics Card: NVIDIA RTX 3080
Driver Version: 2.2
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Hi everybody… I got PRO Version today and I’ve been having an issue for a while… I import my new model from SKP but some textures (I don´t now of what depends) get imported in a white color. It’s weird because in the same model, the same texture in other sectors is correct… Please help me to fixing it.

Ciao render. strato
It happened to me at the beginning that I used SKP, Try to explode the object, see what happens.

Hi, yes, you can try Ric’s advice to explode the model, then import it into D5 Render.

Besides, you can use the D5 live sync plugin for SU, to import the model into D5, and in this way, there is no need to explode the model.
SketchUp Rendering with D5 Render

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