Error opening a file

I have been working for a while in to a scene. I saved it 5 minutes ago but when I try opening the file it´s fully empty. There is no file charged or points of view… What can I do?
I saved into a personal folder, I don´t know if it is the problem.

I can see inside that folders have differents files but when I open it it´s empty…

Hi, there! You can directly open this file!

Where is the model file, I don’t see it
It is where the sketch file is located
That’s why I think it shows you an empty file,
You may have deleted it by mistake

Hi there, thank you so much for your answers.
@AYMN_ARCHITECT I have seen there is not model folder. I don´t know why it has not been saved… I did not erase nothing but I charged many different models into the scene, maybe there was the problem.
Thank you so much!!