Empty D5 file project and all scene settings lost?

Morning Team - was working on a project yesterday. At the end of the day we had a power outage. I have been saving the file and project the whole day. Because I had to work on other projects in between. No issues at all.

However when the power went out I was saving the project file in D5 at the same time. After the two hour power outage I noticed in the Welcome D5 window all the open recent files were missing.

I had to use the open file option. When the project opened all the imports and the main Skethup model was missing. Also all the scenes and all its setting were all gone! At the top left the file reads as ‘exterior street close views - UNSAVED’ .

I lost a day’s work. Can you please assist if at all possible. ATTACHED are some snapshots.

I wish D5 would create a backup file! I have reloaded the main Sketchup file but this did not fix the problem. All materials, settings and scene views are still missing.

Please help. Thank you.

D5 1.8.0. - RTX 3080 - driver 461.40

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Hi there,

Please check out the email and send us the logs files and scene files as requested, which can help us locate to the issue and find out the solution asap.

Thank you very much

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Was this issue ever resolved? I seem to be having the same issue and can’t seem to figure out the cause.

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@Brendan Yes, we fixed this problem in 1.9.1. Have you encountered the problem of broken project? Could you please describe your problem in detail? Let’s see if we can repair your project. :pleading_face:

The issue I am running into is when saving and relaunching my project, none of the progress has been saved. It’s like I am opening a blank project even when I save it out previously.

I’m using an FBX model for the main site, but other than that I had only used assets and materials from the D5 Asset library.

*Edit: The site model FBX is now the only thing that doesn’t load in on launch of the project.

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Having this same issue, I am in v2.0!
Is there any resolution to the problem?