Emissive light through frosted glass render problem

**D5 Render Version:**2.0 PRO
**Graphics Card:**RTX 2070
Driver Version:
Issue Description:
I have set up the scene as you can see in the relative images. A material with an emissive light is located back of a frosted glass. Everything is good enough in the work environment BUT when I render the scene, the image is flat and not the same as the scene.
Is this a D5 render limitation, or am I missing something?
How could I fix it?

Thank you in advanced!
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Hello, could you please compress this scene file( or a sample that contains this room) and send it to support@d5techs.com?
We do not have settings that can control this behavior, so we need your scene file to check what element or parameter causes this strange problem. Thanks in advance!

Hello D5 Render’s support team!

Thank you for your interest in solving my problem.

In this link I describe the problem.

I uploaded the D5 folder you asked me for in this link.

In one of my experiments I replaced the emissive light material from the model with some “rect lights” in D5 and worked fine! So, for now, I am happy with the result, but I do really need the initial workflow with the emissive light process.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hello, we have checked your scene file and could repro the issue. Thanks for reporting this and we will fix it in the next version. Besides, as a workaround, you could increase the thickness of the frosted glass, and also turn off auto-exposure to adjust the light. I hope it could help, thanks~